Home decoration Do you think even if you have finished?…

Home decoration is a complicated and tedious thing. The friends of the owners should never think that everything will be done after the new house is completed. NO NO NO~ There are also important home maintenance and repairs. As a pioneer in integrated home decoration, Ming Diao Decoration has always ----more

Large-scale photovoltaic system design integration tech…

With the support of the "12th Five-Year Plan" and "863 Program", the integrated design and integration of large-scale photovoltaic (grid-connected and micro-grid) system design and research and development of advanced energy technologies Research and development of key equipmen ----more

Graphene industry: Do not repeat the "big steel&qu…

China is now in the “graphene gold rush”, and the graphene industry is being used all over the country. The term graphene is almost a household name. As such a hot "net red", how should China's graphene industry develop? How can we go more steadily and longer? These should ----more

Correct use of wireless bridges and precautions

As a key device that can simplify monitoring and construction, the correct use of wireless bridges is extremely important. In fact, even if it is understood that talents are installed and used, there may be some minor mistakes. The following Feng Runda Xiaobian under a simple explanation . First, ----more

Rotary dryer which precautions

Introduction: The operation of the rotary dryer directly affects the efficiency of the production. What are the precautions for the rotary dryer? 1. Pay attention to the balance of wind, coal and materials: The key to high-yield dryers is to achieve "wind, coal, material" balan ----more

Are you still worried about car noise?

Friends are most afraid of driving a car is a car failure, once a little "crash" worry about it. One of the longest problems with the car is the abnormal sound of the brakes. Actually, not all abnormal sounds of the brakes prove that the car has f ----more

What should I do with 4.3 million recycling Notes 7? Gr…

How to deal with 4.3 million recycling of Note 7? Greenpeace has something to say Samsung Electronics recalled 4.3 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from around the world. How will it handle these phones? According to Marketwatch, Greenpeace issued a statement on Monday urging Samsung Electronics ----more