Development and application of Shenjiang gas storage ta…

Shanghai Shenjiang Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. products include gas storage tanks, air storage tanks, stainless steel gas storage tanks, high-pressure gas storage tanks, Shanghai Shenjiang gas storage tanks, nitrogen gas storage tanks, gas storage tanks, and pressure vessels. Shanghai Shenjiang Gas ----more

Tyre protection chain installation method

Tire protection chain A tire protection chain for a vehicle has a chain link, a main body chain member connected between the chain links, a side chain connecting the two side link rings, and a docking chain member connected to the both end chain links, and two links are mounted on both s ----more

Mainland intends to display new tires in Frankfurt

According to foreign media reports, the Continental Group's tire business unit plans to display new concept tires at the Frankfurt Auto Show from September 15th to September 25th, 2011. Continental will present its Conti electric vehicle tires. The prototype of eContact, due to innova ----more

Kumho Tire Product Protection Policy Hits the Market

On November 30th, the fifth promotion raffle of Kumho's "Hao Li sent a good prize to members" was closed at the China World Hotel in Beijing. More than 1,000 Kumho consumers from across the country have become lucky consumers for this lucky draw, and a Kumho Tire member has rec ----more

Build your high-performance all-steel radial tire produ…

Recently, the first stove with the specifications of 11R24.5 GL268D has two tubeless tires, and the production line of the 700,000 high-performance all-steel radial truck tire newly built in Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. has successfully gone offline, and the appearance quality has been verified. ----more

The choice of wallpaper color, texture, and pattern

The color of the wallpaper will create a different atmosphere for the room and even affect the owner's mood. Warm colors and bright colors have an activating effect on people's emotions. They are suitable for use in restaurants. Cool and low-bright colors can make people concentrate and have ----more

A123 gets GM battery pack with

According to foreign media reports recently, battery supplier A123 (A123 Systems Inc) stated that it has obtained the GM battery pack supply contract, which is confirmed by General Motors. Jason Forcier, deputy general manager of A123's automotive solutions team, revealed that the com ----more