May 15 Ningbo Steel Market Price Quotes

Product Name Specification Material Steel/Origin Price (Yuan/Ton) Than Yesterday Last Week, General Line Φ6.5mm Q235 Weifang 6000 0 200 820 High Line Φ6.5mm Q235 Beitai 5900 0 20 680 High Line Φ6.5mm Q235 Fushun 5980 0 100 760 High Line Φ8mm Q335 Yong Steel 6100 0 80 750 Rebar Φ10mm ----more

The second generation drug testing vehicle was successf…

Recently, the China National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products (hereinafter referred to as the China Inspection and Quarantine Institute) and local drug testing institutes have continuously improved methods that have been established and carried out rapid inspecti ----more

Chlor-alkali Chemical sells assets to relieve pressure

Chlor-Alkali Chemical (600618) announced two asset consolidation plans today. Among them, the transfer of shares in the subsidiary to the controlling shareholder can return the cash, which is beneficial to the improvement of the capital aspect of the chlor-alkali chemical; cancelling the qualificat ----more

Trap troubleshooting and optional installation

Trap Remedy Symptom Possible Cause Solution Trap Not drained Trap Filter or seat plugged Pre-valve not open Design pressure too far from actual Actual back pressure exceeds rated Vacuum in heat pipe 1 Check valves to clean up debris 2. Open the relevant valve 3. Replace the trap with the actu ----more

Global sulfur supply will maintain long-term supply sur…

At the recently concluded Sulfur Market Forum 2009, representatives of enterprises participating in the discussion all expressed that the long-term supply surplus of the global sulfur market has basically taken shape. Among them, Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Company predicts that global sulfur consu ----more

Michelin and other giants withdraw from the Shanghai Au…

When the entire domestic automobile industry has focused its attention on the Shanghai Auto Show held later this month, there is such a news that will surely stir the industry. Michelin will not appear in the list of exhibitors of the Shanghai Auto Show. The reporter learned from Michelin C ----more

Acquired DSI's “The First Outer Bet

A few days ago, the signing ceremony of Geely Auto's acquisition of Australian automatic transmission company was held in the New South Wales Government Building in Australia. This is the background of the financial crisis, Geely Automobile "the first single out of the world." ----more