Yuchai Corporation sold 60,000 engines in January

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Snake production and sales booming ushered in a good start. According to statistics, the company sold more than 60,000 engines in January 2013, ranking first in diesel engine sales. Good news from overseas markets, the YC4F engine of Guangxi Yuchai Machine ----more

Research institutes of business schools jointly promote…

As we all know, the technical level of the machine tool industry largely affects the development of the country's industrial level, and product development is the key to upgrading the machine tool industry. Nowadays, the product R&D strength of China's machine tool industry con ----more

CSSC Modern Autonomous High Power Marine Generator Proj…

According to CSSC News: On November 9, the special fund project for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of Jiangsu Province completed by Zhenjiang Zhongchuan Modern Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. “development and industrialization of self-owned brand CMXD630- ----more

Create a global LED production base

According to relevant research, the average mercury content of used energy-saving lamps, especially old-fashioned fluorescent tubes, is about 0.5 mg, which is only enough to be covered with a ballpoint pen tip. However, if it penetrates into the ground, it is enough to pollute about 180 tons of wat ----more

Talking about the Function of Driving Recorder

With the continuous improvement of living standards, various instruments have been released. Driving recorder is one of them, then what is the use of driving recorder? Driving recorder can simply record the speed of some vehicles, acceleration, etc., can also record some GPS data. Method/ ----more

Bright prospects for domestic lifting machinery market

It is understood that with the development of the economy, modern construction is developing faster and faster. In China, the impact on large-scale infrastructure construction and industrial development led to the development of cranes. The heavy-duty machinery industry has become one of t ----more

High pressure cleaning car

China Automotive Network high-pressure cleaning trucks are included in the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology high-pressure cleaning car car announcement all 7 categories 98 manufacturers 88 high-pressure cleaning car brand 661 kinds of hi ----more