New Type Bigger Plastic Vertical Mixer

Model NO.: LDV-10T
HS Code: 84778000
It is used for drying,storage and mixing of material and granules.
Detail information:
Model  Motor(kw) volume(L) Size(LxWxD) 
 LDV-500 4 500 1200x1750x2950
LDV-1T 5.5 1000 1500x1750x2950
LDV-2T 5.5 2000  1800x1800x2200 
LDV-3T 7.5 3000  2150x2500x3700
LDV-5T 6-11 5000 2450x2800x4500
LDV-8T 6-11 8000 2900x3200x4500
 LDV-10T 6-15 10000 2900x3300x5200
New Type Bigger Plastic Vertical MixerNew Type Bigger Plastic Vertical MixerNew Type Bigger Plastic Vertical MixerNew Type Bigger Plastic Vertical Mixer
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This process is a degumming and deacidification process before the extracted miscella without completely evaporation desolventizing, at this time,the viscosity and density of the miscella are both lower than those of crude oil, the pigment in miscella has not yet completely fixed, so it is very easy to remove, and the neutral oil content in generated soapstock is low. The main sections included in this proces are:  Miscella Refining , Cottonseed Oil Refining in Extraction WorkshopRefining In Extraction Workshop, Alkali Refining Oil Evaporation .  

Miscella refinery process features: (1) The process is simple, miscella refinery and desolventizing process can be completed in extraction workshop, simplified the pretreatment process, saved equipment investment, reduced energy consumption and significantly reduced the processing costs. (2) Improved oil products quality, reduced pollution of the bound gossypol and other pigments on oil products during processing. The formation of fixed pigments in oil and the difficulty of oils & fats decoloring are reduced, thus improving the quality of the cotton-seed oil.

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Miscella Evaporator

Cottonseed Miscella Refining Project

Cottonseed Miscella Refining Project,Miscella Refining,Refining In Extraction Workshop,Alkali Refining Oil Evaporation

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