Heavy truck sales increased 1.37 times in January 2007

In January, Sinotruk surpassed FAW and Dongfeng. Page 2: Some heavy truck manufacturers completed sales in 2006 and planned sales in 2007

After recovering growth in 2006, according to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in the segment of commercial vehicle sub-sectors, domestic heavy-duty trucks (over 15 tons of total mass (whole vehicle + site + semi-trailer) sold close to 28,000 The number of vehicles increased by 136.7% year-on-year, creating a record high since 2000, while the growth rate of the largest passenger vehicle industry ranked second in sales growth was only 46.2%.

Encouraged by the good news in January, major heavy truck manufacturers also made optimistic forecasts for the sales target for the whole year.

January China Heavy Duty Truck surpasses FAW and Dongfeng

According to the data from the China Automobile Association in January 2007, the three heavy-duty truck companies based on the Steyr platform, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Beiqi Foton Automobile Group, and Shaanxi Heavy Duty Trucks, have experienced alarming growth rates. Of these, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group sells 6,486 heavy trucks of various types. The year-on-year increase was 96.9%, of which vehicle sales increased by 220.4% year-on-year and temporarily ranked first in the industry. The largest increase in sales was Beiqi Foton, which sold 3,108 heavy trucks, an increase of 408.67% year-on-year. Dongfeng Motor’s market share decreased by 7% compared to the end of 2006.

In January sales, the most notable is that Sinotruk surpassed FAW for the first time and Dongfeng jumped to the top of the industry. In fact, in 2006, CNHTC's market share was close to 20%, comparable to FAW and Dongfeng, but it grew even more rapidly. Therefore, it is widely believed that it is only a matter of time before Sinotruk surpasses FAW in the heavy truck sector.

FAW and Dongfeng were mainly medium-sized trucks (total mass of 8 to 14 tons). Faced with the trend of further intensification of heavy industry throughout the industry, FAW and Dongfeng also launched in 2006 with more than 15 tons of high-end heavy trucks to liberate Aowei and Dongfeng. Tianlong, after a period of cultivation, the two models will begin to take effect slowly this year. It can be expected that the competition for heavy trucks will become more intense this year.

Various manufacturers have increased their plans

In fact, the weight of heavy trucks with a load capacity of over 15 tons in the past was not significant in the sales of the heavy truck market. The annual demand was about 300,000 vehicles. The change in demand structure was mainly due to the limited load implemented by the Ministry of Transport since 2004. Governance overwork and toll-by-weight policy. After experiencing rapid growth in 2004, starting in April 2005, due to factors such as the country’s macroeconomic controls, high oil prices, and overloaded management, heavy truck companies collectively fell into a sales dilemma caused by a decrease in effective demand until last year from May. The sales volume of heavy trucks increased year-on-year, after which the entire industry experienced a retaliatory rebound and continued to this day.

Analysts believe that the factors driving the recovery of the heavy-duty truck industry since 2006 remain unchanged, and the truck industry still maintains a heavy-duty trend, and will therefore remain optimistic. One-third of the demand for heavy trucks comes from project construction, and 2/3 comes from highway logistics and transportation. Demand for heavy trucks in engineering construction will maintain its level of last year this year, and as the total cargo volume in China continues to increase, demand for heavy trucks from road transport will continue to grow.

Due to the “Icefire” two-day experience in 2004 and 2005, heavy-duty truck companies are generally conservative in their goals for the New Year. However, the strong growth in January this year has caused the industry’s precarious concentration of heavy-duty trucks due to the state’s control over infrastructure construction. Emotions swept away. Although, outsiders believe that the high growth data in January this year was formed on the basis of a lower base in the same period in 2006.

It is a good start to this year's start. This year, domestic heavy truck companies have increased their sales. First of all, the three companies based on the Steyr platform, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Beiqi Foton Automobile, and Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd., still maintained their momentum. Among them, China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation will increase its 60,000 tons to 80,000 units last year, an increase of 35%. Shaanxi Zhongqi and Beiqi Foton are both increasing to 50,000 this year from a base of about 30,000 last year. The planned increase is as high as 50%.

The planned increase is more of the smaller base of the JAC Gehrafa, which is planned to increase from 3000 vehicles last year to 6,000 vehicles. The sales volume of the North Benz is also planned to increase from 10,000 vehicles to 20,000 vehicles, with an increase of over 100%.

Since Chongqing Hongyan has been reorganized with SAIC and Iveco, this year is mainly to adjust the year, so the planned growth is not great. The adjustment of FAW and Dongfeng's product lines will also take some time, so there is little growth. Therefore, the market share of FAW and Dongfeng heavy trucks has continued to decline.

Some heavy truck manufacturers completed sales in 2006 and planned sales in 2007

Manufacturer Sales in 2006 Sales in 2007 (Unit: 10,000 units)

FAW 7 8 (unpublished)

Dongfeng 7.2 8 (unpublished)

China National Heavy Duty Truck 6 8

Beiqi Foton 3 4.5

Shaanxi Auto 3.3 5

Chongqing Hongyan 1.8 2

North Mercedes 1 2

Valin 0.6 1

Jac. Gehwa 0.3 0.3


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