Guizhou four enterprises jointly developed excavator hydraulic and electronic control system

Under the coordination of the local government, Guizhou Fengyang Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Zhanyang Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Liyuan Hydraulics Co., Ltd. and Yongqing Oscilloscope Factory jointly developed the hydraulic and electronic control of 20~30 tons excavators. System”, the project has been included in Guiyang Key Technology Innovation Project. After the project is completed, it will reverse the long-term dependence of imported hydraulic and electronic control systems on excavators in China, and enhance the competitiveness of China's construction machinery industry in the international construction machinery industry. .
Lei Yong, general manager of Fengyang Hydraulics, told reporters that in 2006, the domestic excavator market reached 46,000 units. Driven by the strong market demand, the market capacity of engineering machinery hydraulic systems exceeded 100 billion yuan. However, there is currently no domestic Manufacturers can provide excavator hydraulic and electronic control system, mainly relying on imports. This is both a rare opportunity and a challenge for domestic supporting enterprises. Lei Yong told reporters that the hydraulic products for excavators are technically demanding and difficult to manufacture. It is difficult for domestic hydraulic products to meet the technical requirements of the host. At present, no other enterprise in China can produce all the variable hydraulic systems. Components, usually, pumps/motors, cylinders, and various types of hydraulic valves are produced by different manufacturers.
Lei Yong said that the development of the "20~30-ton excavator hydraulic and electronic control system" project is to rely on the local government's organization and coordination, policy support, through the combination of military and land, high-tech industries, industry-university-research cooperation and OEM and supporting Manufacturers unite to jointly implement technical research to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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