700,000 tons/year of flue gas sulfuric acid plant

Recently, with the completion of the 104-meter high steel structure chimney stack and 12 3500 cubic-meter sulfuric acid storage tanks, the Gansu Jinchuan Group's 700,000 tons/year sulphuric acid plant has begun to take shape. This is the world's largest single-series flue gas acid plant.

The device is a flue gas treatment environmental protection project supported by the new nickel smelting system of Jinchuan Group. It mainly processes the flue gas from the oxygen-enriched top-blowing smelting furnace, the two 110-ton blowing converters, and a depleted furnace.

The company's new oxygen-enriched top-blowing nickel smelting project is currently the world's largest nickel smelting system, and it is also a key construction project of the Jinchuan Group during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, with a total investment of 2.23 billion yuan. Since the project was started in September 2006, the large-scale environmental protection project that is matched with it – the 700,000 tons/year sulfuric acid construction project has been under intense design and construction. The flue-gas acid plant mainly includes purification, conversion, dry absorption, acid reservoirs, etc. In the design process, it draws on the experience of the company's 530,000 tons/year sulphuric acid production plant, and the process, equipment selection and materials, etc. All aspects fully reflect the characteristics of high technological content. The flue gas acid project plans to invest 350 million yuan, plans to complete in June 2008. After the project is completed, it can process 283,000 standard cubic meters of sulfur dioxide fumes per hour, recover 450,000 tons of sulfur dioxide fumes and produce 700,000 tons of sulfuric acid per year. This will be the sixth for the Jinchuan Group to absorb sulphur dioxide and generate sulfuric acid. The project will play an important role in controlling sulfur dioxide pollution in the urban area of ​​Jinchang, improving the atmospheric environment, and expanding the production scale of the company.

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