The Seven Trends of Petrochemical Equipment During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period

Recently, the reporter learned from the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association that during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, China's petroleum and chemical industries will continue to grow rapidly, and the petroleum and chemical equipment industry is facing new opportunities for development. According to experts' analysis, China's petrochemical equipment industry will continue to grow steadily in the next few years, and its development will show the following trends.
First, the traditional brand-name advantage products will still obtain a relatively high market share, and the market for major equipment such as high-pressure vessels in large-scale synthetic ammonia and urea plants will continue to be optimistic.
The second is the equipment required for energy-saving technological transformation and product structure adjustment in petrochemical enterprises (such as coal slurry gasifier in chemical fertilizer plants, radial tire equipment in rubber machinery, large-scale internal mixers, cold-feed extruders, and cutting machines , Shaping press, etc.) will have a lot of room for development.
Third, there will be a large market for energy-saving and efficient unit equipment. Energy-saving is the basic national policy for economic development in the future. Energy-saving and high-efficiency unit equipment has industry advantages and will be an important product development direction in the industry.
Fourthly, the development and innovation of environmental protection equipment will become a new growth point for chemical equipment. The production enterprises urgently need to make great efforts to research and develop the “three wastes” treatment and comprehensive utilization of equipment with independent intellectual property rights.
Fifth, the scale of petrochemical plants brought about large-scale equipment. For example, the polymerization reactor for PVC plants will reach 85 to 110 cubic meters, and the glass-lined reaction tanks and storage tanks required by pesticides, coatings, and pharmaceutical companies will tend to have large volumes, and the filters required by soda ash and phosphate fertilizer companies will also develop to large-scale specifications. .
Sixth, there is great potential for exporting products and replacing imported products. For example, rubber equipment tire curing vulcanizing machine has a good export prospect, radial tire main equipment has a great price advantage in the replacement of imports, caustic soda devices in the ion membrane electrolyzer has a larger market demand.
Seventh, oil and chemical product storage and transportation equipment will receive a specific market share. The varieties of railway tank cars and car tankers will continue to expand to meet the needs of different oil and chemical product transportation. Container shipping is in the ascendant and is the direction for expanding exports.

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