· Independent brand marketing has a fan economy is not enough

How to break through the self-owned brand car is an old topic, and there are many discussions from different angles. Among them, Tesla's success makes "fan economy" a direction that is the breakthrough of independent brands in the field of marketing.
At present, there is no widely accepted definition of “fan economy” in the academic world. There is a view that it “generalizes the operational income-generating behavior based on the relationship between fans and the followers”. Most of the followers are stars, idols and Industry celebrities, etc.
In the past two years, due to the existence of groups such as “God Car Party” and “Di Powder”, the fan economy has begun to be valued by the automotive industry. For the automotive industry, the fan economy is a new term, but its history is very long. The "prestigious children" of domestic opera artists, such as Mei Lanfang and other four famous names, caused by the infatuation and consumption behavior of the fans, can be regarded as the prototype of the domestic fan economy, but failed to become a climate. The fan economy has become an economic form and a product of the commercial society; it has been recognized by the Chinese people, perhaps thanks to the enthusiasm and madness of the “corns”; with the popularity of Xiaomi’s mobile phones, it has finally “upgraded” to become a familiar term.
Can the fan economy help its own brand companies break through? Chanfang Village believes that it can play a certain role, but it can't play a decisive role. For independent brand enterprises, it is the key to win the current user experience.
First of all, the “face value” of the self-owned brand is not enough, so that the fans can't choose their own products.
Throughout the current beneficiaries of the domestic fan economy, whether it is Li Yuchun, Guo Jingming, or Jobs and Rebs, they are unique in their respective areas of expertise, so that they are attracted by fans. Frankly speaking, self-owned brands are far from catching up with multinational companies. The lack of value is a serious injury. The hope of winning the bet is in the pursuit of fans, which is tantamount to speculation. If Rays's Xiaomi phone and Jobs have a price, may he have fans? The author believes that the answer is no. Then how can we expect Di powder to make the opposite choice when faced with similar situations?
Secondly, how large can the size of the fan economy be, and can it support the scale necessary for the success of a model?
For a certain model, it may indeed be due to the fan economy in a short period of time, but if you want to be truly accepted by more consumers, the competition is ultimately the comprehensive performance of the product. Even in Tesla, which was in a mess in the country in 2014, the number of cards in the past two months has begun to drop significantly. The reason is that Tesla is good, and it is a toy of the rich.
Some people may refute "viral marketing." Indeed, fans will develop new fans, but what you need is not what he values. As domestic consumers become more mature, the certainty of their own use needs will become stronger and stronger, and the blindness of purchasing cars will become lower and lower. And its price is an essence of car consumption and mobile phone consumption, which will directly lead to a completely different consumption orientation.
Third, and most importantly, good product performance is only a sufficient condition for the success of a new car, not a sufficient and necessary condition, because pricing, publicity, sales and other aspects will directly affect its final sales; therefore, the customer experience Good or bad is the top priority.
However, the term “customer experience” has been eroded at the moment – ​​too many companies mention it in marketing, but it’s rare to actually implement it. One of the most common examples is that when a certain model is in short supply, the customer experience gives way to a fare increase.
It is precisely because of this kind of environment that Chanfang Village believes that if it can really pay attention to the customer experience, independent brand enterprises still have the opportunity to highlight the encirclement. In fact, some independent brands have indeed seen this.
The Ruifeng S3, which went on sale in August last year, was snapped up on the market with its excellent performance. As of the end of January this year, more than 40,000 orders were not delivered. In order to deliver as soon as possible, Jianghuai Automobile has worked hard to work overtime and promised not to increase sales. According to the sincerity of this approach, it is already worthy of the users who have paid the deposit. It is necessary to know that the sales of the hot-selling models can be regarded as the unspoken rules of the industry. However, Jianghuai’s approach is even more extreme: in order to alleviate the transportation costs of users who have paid the deposit but did not mention the car during the Spring Festival, the company plans to give 150% of this customer for a total of 10 days from February 18-27. The yuan/day transportation subsidy can be up to 1,500 yuan. The move will cost the company nearly 50 million yuan.
In addition to Jianghuai Automobile, independent brands such as Chery Automobile and Haima Automobile have also followed suit, and they have given back home subsidies to users who did not get on the train during the Spring Festival. This kind of behavior, because it is full of human touch, and is no longer a marketing act of low-level promotion and insurance orders, has become a kind of humanistic care; it is more attractive and more effective than the viral marketing fan economy!

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