·Do a good job in investment portfolio to promote steady growth of investment

In 2014, in accordance with the State Council's deployment, the National Development and Reform Commission made every effort to lay a good job in investment portfolio, promoted major project construction, innovated investment and financing mechanisms in key areas, deepened investment system reform, and brought into play the role of investment guidance in the central budget to stabilize investment growth and promote Economic development has played a positive role.
First, promote the construction of major national projects and effectively expand effective investment. In February 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission initiated the promotion of major national engineering work, and selected 7 major investment projects with overall, basic and strategic significance, including information grid oil and gas, etc., in view of the weak links in economic and social development. Major network engineering, health and pension service projects, eco-environmental protection projects, major clean energy projects, major projects for food and water conservancy, major transportation projects, oil and gas and mineral resources security projects, and work plans were formulated to clarify the objectives, tasks, and major construction. The content has formed seven major investment engineering packages. After the seven major investment projects were reported to be approved by the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments and localities are stepping up implementation. Accelerating the construction of major national projects is conducive to promoting structural adjustment, complementing short-term and benefiting people's livelihood, effectively expanding effective investment, forming new investment and economic growth points, and laying a solid foundation for sustained economic development in the next few years and beyond.
The second is to invest and finance mechanisms in key areas of innovation and actively encourage social investment. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social investment and effectively play a key role in investing in stabilizing economic growth, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Investment and Financing Mechanisms for Innovating Key Areas to Encourage Social Investment", and proposed further liberalization of market access and innovative investment operations. A series of policy measures, such as promoting mechanisms, diversifying investment entities, improving price formation mechanisms, and innovating investment and financing methods. In order to encourage and guide social investment, enhance the supply capacity of public goods, and improve supply efficiency, the National Development and Reform Commission issued and implemented the "Guiding Opinions on Government and Social Capital Cooperation" and the General Contract Guide to vigorously promote the PPP model. In addition, a third-party evaluation of the implementation of the supporting implementation rules of “Suggestions on Encouraging and Guiding the Healthy Development of Private Investment” was carried out to provide important support for the next decision; 80 investment projects encouraging social capital participation were released. The progress of the project is generally smooth.
The third is to deepen the reform of the investment and financing system and continue to promote the decentralization of power. In order to continue to implement the policy of decentralization and decentralization, the State Council was requested to issue and implement the Catalogue of Investment Projects Approved by the Government (2014). On the basis of the cancellation, decentralization and transfer of 49 approval authority in 2013, 38 approvals were cancelled and decentralized. Permissions, the number of projects approved at the central level decreased by 76% in two years. At the same time, starting from the reform and innovation system, streamlining the pre-approval, standardizing the intermediary services, implementing a more convenient and transparent investment project approval system, and reporting to the General Office of the State Council for the issuance and implementation of the “streamlined examination and approval matters to regulate the intermediary services to implement the online parallel approval system for enterprise investment projects”. The Work Plan is of great significance for transforming government functions, building a government under the rule of law, and modern government to create a good entrepreneurial environment.
The fourth is to optimize investment arrangements within the central budget and improve budgetary investment management. Significantly adjust the investment structure in the central budget in 2014, reduce investment in general competitive enterprise projects, reduce investment in operational infrastructure, adjust and optimize the internal structure of the industry, and focus on supporting major, basic, and strategic major projects. While optimizing the investment arrangements within the central budget, we will further improve the investment management within the central budget, strengthen the preliminary work of the project, and improve the efficiency of central government investment; strengthen the supervision and management of investment within the central budget, clarify the key points of supervision, and intensify inspections.
This year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the relevant departments will take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, strengthen investment regulation, and promote investment growth with targeted and precise investment, increase effective investment, increase investment in economic and social weaknesses, effectively improve investment efficiency, and give full play to investment. A key role in steady growth.
First, accelerate the construction of major national projects. Improve the linkage mechanism for major engineering work. Further accelerate the preliminary work of the project, promote the project to start on schedule, actively introduce social capital, guarantee the construction of major projects, and solidly promote the construction of major projects.
Second, promote the implementation of investment and financing mechanisms in key areas of innovation. Implement the "Guiding Opinions on Investment and Financing Mechanisms for Innovating Key Fields to Encourage Social Investment", formulate and improve relevant supporting measures and implementation rules, strengthen organizational leadership, do a good job of implementation, and effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital, especially private capital to participate in key areas. . Strengthen dispatch analysis, guide and coordinate, and promote the smooth implementation of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) projects.
Third, further deepen the reform of the investment system. Further strengthen the top-level design of investment and financing system reform and strengthen systemic institutional arrangements. Organize the implementation of the “Work Plan for Streamlining Examination and Approval Matters, Standardizing Intermediary Services and Implementing Online Parallel Approval System for Enterprise Investment Projects”, streamlining pre-approval, optimizing approval procedures, standardizing intermediary services, and strengthening vertical and horizontal linkages to ensure that supervision is in place and that it is streamlined, efficient, and standardized. Transparent.
Fourth, focus on strengthening post-event supervision of corporate investment projects. Accelerate the improvement of the post-event supervision mechanism of investment projects, do a good job in establishing the implementation of the vertical and horizontal linkage supervision mechanism of enterprise investment projects, rely on the online approval and supervision platform of investment projects, establish a vertical and horizontal information sharing and collaborative supervision mechanism, and social credit system Docking, gradually forming a long-term mechanism for integrity incentives and disciplinary punishment.
Fifth, further standardize investment management within the central budget. Further adjust and optimize the investment arrangements within the central budget, focus on supporting major projects with overall, basic and strategic significance, innovate the use of central government investment, and support the participation of social capital in key areas. Strengthen the preliminary work review of the project and strengthen the reserve of investment projects within the central budget. Strengthen the assessment of the implementation of investment in the central budget, formulate and improve the regulatory measures, and strengthen follow-up supervision.

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