Dryer's workflow

The higher temperature saturated compressed air first enters the pre-cooler of the cold dryer, and exchanges heat with the dry cold air from the local evaporator in the pre-cooler. The temperature is initially reduced and then enters the evaporator, and the compressed air is in the evaporator. A second heat exchange with the refrigerant vapor causes the temperature to be further reduced to a temperature close to the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant; during the two cooling processes, the saturated water vapor in the compressed air is condensed into liquid water droplets and enters the gas water separator with the gas stream. The liquid water separated in the separator is discharged to the outside of the machine through an automatic drainer (not shown), and the dry compressed air having a lower temperature is sent back to the pre-cooler to exchange heat with the newly entered wet saturated air to obtain the temperature itself. Raise to obtain dry compressed air with a lower water content (ie, a lower dew point) and a lower relative humidity at the vent of the dryer.
It can be seen from the above analysis that the precooler, the evaporator and the gas water separator are the three major components of the hollow compressed gas flow system of the cold dryer.

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