The main cause of the fracture of the cone crusher

The main shaft fracture of the cone crusher is a relatively common fault. The occurrence of this fault will seriously affect the normal operation of the cone crusher, directly affecting the production efficiency of the normal beneficiation production line, and thus will also contribute to the production efficiency of the beneficiation production line. Impact.

The cone crusher is an indispensable crushing device in the mineral processing industry. If there is a situation of spindle breakage during the production process, it is necessary to take effective measures in time to avoid serious impact on the cone crusher.

In the daily use of the cone crusher, it is necessary to understand the main reasons for the fracture of the cone crusher. Only in this way, pay attention to some of the usual work, you can avoid the broken state of the cone crusher.

The main reasons for the fracture of the cone crusher shaft are as follows:

1. Fatigue damage; this is determined by the working nature of the cone crusher. Because the cone crusher spindle is subjected to frequent mechanical shocks for a long time, it is easy to cause fatigue damage to the spindle and form a fracture.

2, too much feeding; this is mainly caused by the operator's improper operation, the cone crusher feed too much, it is easy to operate the cone crusher overload operation, and finally form the cone crusher spindle fracture.

3, to the nature of the mineral feedstock; cone crusher used for crushing the ore, which are still many metal ore minerals, in the process the material into the cone crusher, usually mixed with some scrap metal was on The main shaft of the cone crusher causes frequent impacts, causing fatigue damage to the main shaft, which is the main cause of the fracture of the main shaft of the cone crusher.

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