FAW Liberated Xican Engine Takes High Quality Brand Route

As an industrial work, an engine is made up of tens of thousands of parts and components. Taking off the gorgeous coat, the engine's product quality becomes the first factor. With the development of China's automobile manufacturing from "cost-effectiveness" to "quality-price ratio," the engine's "quality-price ratio" has also received more and more attention. After decades of deep farming, FAW Liberation Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as “engine division”) relies on perseverance in the pursuit of quality, and has won the respect and recognition of customers and partners at home and abroad, not only stimulating the development of the industry, but also many users Created the extended value of the product, and effectively promoted the rapid development of the company, so that the engine business department has always maintained an industry leading advantage.

FAW Liberation Engine Division FAW Liberation Engine Division

Strict quality lifeline forging high-end autonomous iron army model

As the saying goes, the quality line is the lifeline of a company. Over the years, the Engine Division has consistently adhered to the strategy of strengthening quality, taking quality as the first factor in the development of the enterprise, and insisting that high-quality products have become the crucial foundation for the engine division's multi-year continuing operations. In the eyes of the engine business division, Product quality is as priceless as life. "The first is quality, the second is technology and innovation, and the third is sales." When Qian Hengrong, the general manager, received an exclusive interview with the media, it also revealed such corporate values. It was for many years that it has stood firm and has achieved the brilliant achievements of today's engine company.

In the production department of the Engine Division, each operator performs extremely strict operating standards In the production department of the Engine Division, each operator performs extremely strict operating standards

In the production department of the Engine Division, each operator performs extremely strict operating standards. It is understood that every post in the workshop is provided with an “operational standard book” and a 100-point pass system for quality assessment. Even if 99 points are obtained during the work process, employees are considered unqualified. The workshop conducts detailed inspections on the first parts inspection from the aspects of equipment maintenance, tool replacement, production type change, operation change, program modification, etc. The preparation of machining programs and measurement programs, commissioning experiments, call production, modification, backup and storage archives Process control. Every step of production is finely divided to the extreme, and high standardization operations ensure high consistency and high reliability of the product. In its daily operations, the engine division strengthened the frontline staff's awareness of quality and integrity by carrying out a series of rich and varied activities such as “recklessly observing rules and regulations” and signing post commitments on quality of responsibility.

Xichai engine Xichai Aowei Engine

The Engine Division has zero tolerance for "quality accidents." Violators will be fined, dismissed, dismissed, and other levels of punishment. In particular, the "leadership responsibilities" of various departments are even more penalized. “Every year in the engine division, there are people who are fined or even terminated labor contracts due to quality problems. It is not easy for companies to cultivate skilled industrial workers or management, but no one can be exempted from quality issues.” As the top management officer, Qian Hengrong, general manager of the engine business department and party secretary, stressed this way more than once. Through the overall mobilization, the quality concept of the Engine Division not only became the working principle of the production site staff, but also became the work standard that all employees consciously abide by, and truly promoted the quality culture.

For the Engine Division, to ensure the quality of the engine, in addition to improving the quality of employees' awareness, stringent quality standards and procedures are also essential. It is understood that the engine division implements a "full-process quality assurance system" that includes 8 major aspects of quality management - management system, product planning, product development, production preparation, procurement and supply, mass production, marketing services, and monitoring and improvement. One link is closely related and progressive. Take the new product R&D, the engine division has set up 9 new quality doors, and the new product development project can only enter the next development process through the previous quality gate. Modified new products must pass the final assembly, performance and quality evaluation of the seal, and solve every quality problem before they can leave the factory. In the production process, there are quantified and solidified business processes, from which we can see the fine quality management specifications. For example, according to various quality standards assessment and formulation of operating standards, the operation of each workstation in strict accordance with the standard book to complete, in the event of irregularities, intelligent production line will prompt and stop running.

“Strictly following the process and not violating the process, it is the principle that the engine business department has repeatedly emphasized and implemented.” Related leaders of the Quality Assurance Department said that in the development process of Aowei series engine-related new products, the engine division will “win by quality”. The concept runs through the entire product life cycle and absorbs advanced development experience and development processes from abroad, and strictly follows the process to develop new products. From the source of design, development, and verification, firmly grasp the quality. Lock key performance indicators such as performance and reliability, implement risk analysis systems, evaluate design rationality, analysis and soundness, measure feasibility, test adequacy, and production consistency to ensure the quality of new products in one step.

Adhere to the quality and price ratio to win without sacrificing the quality of pursuit of sales

Everyone has the urge to pursue high quality and low price, and he hopes to use the least money to buy the best products. Years ago, the "one dollar gap" of Xiaomi's mobile phones made "cost-effectiveness" the first choice for consumers to shop, and Xiaomi also had the title of "the king of cost-effectiveness." However, with the gradual improvement of people's living standards, more and more people began to pay attention to the quality of products, design, technology and other factors, so that the "quality and price ratio" has become the focus of most people nowadays.

As we all know, relying on the cost reduction and product quality to achieve low prices will not last long. One is that this method can be easily imitated, triggering a real price war. In the end, everyone can only continue to reduce prices, and product quality is bound to fail to get basic guarantees. The second is that this method will make the profits of the products extremely low, the interests of the partners will be damaged, and the incidents that will harm consumers will also cause the profit rate of the enterprises to be very low, resulting in the enterprises being unable to invest enough resources in R&D and eventually damaging the product. Product quality and market competitiveness.

It is because the engine business department has confidence in the quality of its products that it is determined not to fight price wars, not to fight "cost-effectiveness," but insists on taking the "price-price ratio" route to allow consumers to use the highest quality level. The engine, but to pay a reasonable and reasonable price. Therefore, while most companies try to attract consumers by reducing product prices, the engine division never sells at a reduced price, but consumers are also willing to pay for high-quality engines.

The growth experience of the Engine Division tells us that a company that regards quality as a belief and lives is ultimately respected by the industry and users because of its high quality. In the Engine Division, "Quality is Life, Life is Only Once" is always the company's "slogan" and the motto of the company's development. Such a "slogan" is not only on the lips, but it is indeed reflected in its consistent corporate actions.

Wu Xiaobo, a scholar of finance and economics, once said: "The expansion from quantitative to qualitative breakthrough is precisely the last kilometer made in China." The engine business department takes “Quality is Life, Life is Only Once” as its quality concept. All employees participate in, standardize processes, and traverse the entire product lifecycle, and a development path that does not rely on “cost-effectiveness” and wins by “quality and price” is developed. The engine division has become a major player in the Chinese engine sector, providing valuable benchmarks for other companies in the industry and even other industries, and has also given a boost to the questionable Chinese manufacturing.

From the engines of the Engine Division to the wide acclaim of domestic card enthusiasts to open the door to European and American markets, we expect more and more Chinese independent brands to return to their original hearts, and to do a good job of products to become “Made in China” to incite international The market's powerful leverage!


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