The difference between single gluten and double gluten

Many people ask: What is the difference between single-head gluten and double-headed gluten? In fact, it is very simple. As its name implies, the double-headed gluten meter has two measuring heads. The scope of measurement is wider. It can be operated independently or simultaneously. This saves a lot of time and the test efficiency will be effectively improved. Its working principle and operation method are roughly the same. Let's look at it separately.


Two-head gluten instrument works: 10g flour or whole wheat flour plus 5ml salt water, in the washing cup with a screen to mix 20s to form the dough, and then washed with brine for 5min, you can get gluten. Under the centrifugal action, according to the method specified in GB/T5506-2008, the wet gluten content and the gluten index can be calculated.
The operation method of double-head gluten meter (measured by dry gluten):
1. Connect the double-head gluten meter to a power source that has a reliable ground and a suitable fuse. Check in detail according to the instrument nameplate.
2. For each use, clean the disc surface with a damp cloth, dry it with a dry cloth, and close the instrument.
3, plug in the power, at this time the red power indicator light is lit, indicating that the power has been heated until the light goes out (about 4 to 5 minutes) that the instrument has reached the set temperature.
4. Open the instrument, place the wet gluten dehydrated by the gluten centrifuge indexer on the plate, close the dryer, and fasten the grip.
5, wet gluten drying in the dryer to achieve about 6min constant weight, this time you can open the dryer to remove dry gluten (in the dry gluten, the application of non-metallic tools, so as not to damage the disk coating), immediately with 1 / A 100 g balance was weighed and its dry gluten content was calculated.

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